Project Introduction

A project for mobile devices. The main idea is comfortable control with the thumb of one hand. For example, for a convenient game in public transport.

Setting: cyberpunk
Genre: positional shooting
Target: timekiller


Gameplay: we move forward along an infinitely generated location, shooting at opponents. It has the end of the levels in the form of a repeating location of the initial hub where (in the future) it will be possible to heal and upgrade weapons.
Move only in positions behind cover. It is carried out (without direct control) automatically, provided that there is no enemy behind the back side of the shelter.

You can go to the next shelter, provided that the enemy is killed behind him. To protect yourself, you can squat behind cover. The player has three health bars. From bullet weapons, shrapnel, and magnetic.

On development stage

Shields of specific damage on opponents, for the mechanics "specialized weapons" - the essence of which is damage to specific types of armor. As an example - bullets are needed to inflict health damage, armor - shrapnel, a shield - a magnetic impulse.

A rack for weapon upgrades, made from components obtained during the mission.


moving your finger across the screen - aim
press lower - a shot or move to cover.
press hold down - sit down.

The game is being developed on my YouTube channel with daily live streams.

Used musical accompaniment in videos and gameplay:

Raving Energy by Kevin MacLeod

Deep And Dirty by Kevin MacLeod

About Developer

Solo, always solo.