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Ragtag Crew

Hardlane Studio

Main Idea

Ragtag Crew is a turn-based tactical roguelight where party members conquer post-apocalyptic wastelands, swearing, arguing, helping, saving and substituting each other.

Main Description


A turn-based tactical roguelite where party members can bicker or forge bonds. Pick their classes AND personalities and brave the post-apocalyptic desert, fighting enemies and… each other’s opinions?



You will lead a squad of scavengers on a venture across the wasteland in pursuit of profit, food and all sorts of cool stuff! Each character has a unique combination of class and personality, which will provide an unrepeatable (literally!) adventure.

Combat action breaks by short ironic events, during which the traits of the heroes are revealed, and your choices determine your own history of the squad. The pool of events is large, and personalities and classes can drastically change the outcomes.

Your enemies will be strong but predictable. You need to explore their flaws and quickly adapt to different enemy compositions.



  • Each run, choose 3 characters out of 8 classes (some unlockable). Experiment with synergies and party compositions to slay everyone in your way!

  • Every character can choose a personality from the 7 available (some unlockable). These influence their dialogue, battle capabilities, relationships, morale, stats, and overall style — but most importantly, they can drastically change the course of events.

  • The heart of the game lies in the tough tactical fights. The enemies are strong, but often have flaws to exploit. Adapt, improve, overcome!

  • Slay bosses… or sneak past. These large and unique enemies come with their own mechanics and storylines. The rewards may be game-changing — but are you in a good enough condition to take them on? Sometimes it’s smarter to walk past a fight.

  • As you progress through the game, more options become available.



  • Every node on the map offers a text event. A smart choice can grant you loot, help two characters form a bond, or hint at the deeper truth behind the events. An unsuccessful one might end in a disaster.

  • Over the course of an adventure the party members will grow to become friends… or bitter enemies. Nudge their stories to receive unique events and outcomes!

  • From cute baby lizards to passionate fighter-pilgrims, all kinds of characters may aid you on your journey.

  • A mixture of post-apoc, Westerns, and sci-fi creates a relatable yet original world. "Firefly meets Douglas Adams."

  • Try again. Most bands of misfits fail — this is a roguelite, after all. But even failed runs bring progress in the form of unlockable classes, personalities, and items. You’ll be better equipped next time — and the game’s high variance offers high replayability.

About Developer

Hardlane Studio is a small development team from the CIS countries. Many years ago, the founders of the team were student friends who decided to play games as a hobby. We are still doing them, combining it with work.

Vladimir Gulidov
Game designer, animator

Michail Pechaneu
Game designer, programmer

Tony Sart

Also working on the game is Alexandra "Alphyna" Golubeva, known for the Pathologic 2 narrative and translations of Disco Elysium and the book "Blood, Sweat and Pixels"