Project Introduction

Join forces of a cow and a small alien and embark upon a fantastic adventure! Use the rich interactive environment to solve puzzles and fight your enemies.



Meet the cute cow named Duchess. She lives on a Quiet Farm and does what cows do: eats grass and gives milk.

Her life takes a sharp turn after she meets Blurs the little alien. Together they uncover a global catastrophe behind the peaceful life on a farm.



The game protagonist is a simple cow. Head-butting and kicking, eating grass, and plopping cow-pats are the only things that the Cow can do. Use these abilities to explore the game world, interact with a variety of environments, find new beneficial sorts of grass, solve puzzles, and crush enemies with your mighty horns!



Even a big cow sometimes needs help in dealing with obstacles or finding ways to interact with the environment. You can switch to controlling the UFO at any moment.

  • Move objects by hooking them with your Magnetic Beam

  • Set combustible things on fire with the Plasma Gun

  • Use the Taser to shock enemies or power up electrical appliances



The game world is full of environmental interactions. You can and have to employ different approaches to solve puzzles, fight enemies, and reach secret locations. Find your favorite way of dealing with obstacles: destroy, zap, burn, move, freeze, or even flush them!



Take advantage of the physical properties of your environment. Experiment with weights, flammability, fluids, freezing, and electrical conductivity.

If you see a wooden enemy, it should burn well. If you find an elevator, try attaching something heavy to the rope to make it lift. Or maybe find its engine and power it up?

CRAFTING IN THE STOMACH (was turned off)

Cows have multi-compartment stomachs, where each part serves its own purpose. Explore the world to find rare herbs, split into components and re-compose them for nutrition. You can improve the cow’s speed, endurance, and strength, and don’t forget that the UFO uses dung as fuel.

About Developer

LIKEAGAME is a young team of developers from Russia, the core staff of which, at the moment, consists of about 5 people.

Each member of the team is excited by the idea of the game and puts his time and effort into it, because Quiet Farm is our first project. With it, we can afford to implement the craziest ideas and get such valuable experience and "bumps".