Puzzles for Clef — это милая и мирная пазл-адвенчура с участием Клеф, юного и очень любопытного кролика. Она получила особенный подарок от сестры на День рождения — квест с поиском сокровищ! Присоединяйтесь к этой милой героине в её путешествии по таинственному небесному острову, полному необычных головоломок, эксцентричных местных жителей, скрытых мест и многого другого!

Project Introduction

Puzzles for Clef is a cute and peaceful puzzle adventure game featuring Clef, a young and very curious rabbit. She received a special birthday present from her sister — a treasure hunt! Join this cute heroine on her journey across a mysterious sky island full of unusual puzzles, eccentric locals, hidden places, and much more!

About Developer

We are Weasel Token, an indie duo from Ukraine, artist/animator Anastasia Kuznetsova (Tay Elenberg), and programmer/game designer Alexander Molodkin (Gil4). We have been developing games together for 5 years, released a mobile puzzle Vitrail and several small games from game jams.

With this demo, we've also been helped by Igor Shudra (Anglain), who did the sound design, and Angelica Guseva (NZ-Nochnoy Zefir), who wrote the background soundtrack.