Indie Cup S’21

Puzzle Beat Adventure

Abu Games

Main Idea

Puzzle Beat Adventure is a rhythm arcade game where the player, tapping into the rhythm, connects puzzles. In this way, the player goes through a variety of musical levels filled with references to various cultural phenomena and opening up new musical and visual styles to the player.

Main Description


Puzzle Beat Adventure

Project description:


  • Gameplay:        rhythm-tap game

  • Platform:          iOS, Android

  • Genre:               2D rhythm game

  • Setting:             anthology

  • Monetization:  F2P

  • Project stage:   production

  • Region:             US/Europe

  • Engine:             Unity

Main features (USP)


  • Original music written specifically for each level

  • Player has the opportunity to collect puzzles to customise the game avatar

  • Player can play with one finger

  • Each level is a separate visual style, setting and story

  • Player has the opportunity to create levels himself and share them with friends (not implemented)


The idea of the game is based on the desire to show the player different visual and musical styles, each level references to a cultural phenomenon, such as a direction in the visual arts, a game, a movie or a whole setting. The anthology setting helps us in this

For example:

* The level of suprematism, in an animated form shows a lot of paintings by avant-gardists, and a sharp track against the background emphasizes the ambiguity and abstraction of this genre.

* The dawn level shows the player the aesthetics of the Lo-Fi, while the track and gameplay are meditative like the Lo-Fi genre itself.

* The Fruits level with a Chinese-style music is a reference to the Fruit Ninja game


The player’s puzzle locates in the center of the screen. By clicking on the screen, the player changeв sides of the puzzle to opposite ones. Other puzzles are moving from four sides to the center. You need to substitute the right side to connect the puzzle pieces correctly. For each mistake, the player pays with a heart of life.

The whole game runs with the music in background. Tapping into the rhythm, it’s much easier to pass the level than if the player doesn’t listen to music. Passing the levels, the player must rely on the rhythm and tap into the strong beats of the music track.



  • There is a game puzzle in the center of the screen, it is 25% of the screen in width

  • During the passage of the level, music plays

  • The player is given 5 lives to complete the level

  • Various objects fly from four sides into the game puzzle

  • By tapping on the screen, the player's puzzle changes its sides to opposite ones

  • As a result of the collision of game objects with the puzzle, a life is lost

  • If the player has no lives left by the end of the music track, the level is considered completed

Game loop



Resource loop


About Developer

The Abu Games team consists of four people.

Amir Abu Mahadi is a project manager, game designer and programmer.
Victoria Sulaeva is an artist and animator.
Ksenia Pervushina is a game designer and marketer.
Vladislav Krichman is a sound designer and composer.

We are four people who are passionate about games and art, who have united in order to turn their passion into a business and bring something new to the world of mobile games. When creating games, we try to keep it simple, but at the same time give the player a new experience that he will want to share with others. We are inspired by works of art and cultural trends, and we try to instill the same values to players through our games.