На данный момент проект находится на стадии разработки механик. Жанр метройдвания.

Что планируется (частично уже реализовано)

– 4 локации каждая со своими врагами
– 4 – 5 боссов
– Много холодного оружия разных типов c разными типами урона.
– 8 абилок непосредственно влияющих на геймплей(Дэш, двойной прыжок, ускоренное восстановление щита, ускоренное восстановление выносливости, прыжки по деревьям, возможность отбивать/разрушать летящие снаряды, взлом замков, над последней ещё думаю)
– Добыча ресурсов для прокачки оружия/крафта зелий

Project Introduction

At the moment the project is under development by a mechanic. Genre metrodania.

What are we planning (some of these have already been implemented)

- 4 locations each with its own enemies
- 4 - 5 bosses
- Many melee weapons of different types (more details below)
- 8 abilities directly affecting the gameplay (Dash, double jump, accelerated shield recovery, accelerated endurance recovery, tree jumping, the ability to beat off / destroy flying projectiles, lockpicking, I still think about the latter)
- Extraction of resources for pumping weapons / crafting potions

Weapon types

- daggers (can be paired)
- one-handed
- two-handed
- braids
- saws
- a great weapon.

Physical damage types

- cutting
- chopping
- sawing
- crushing.

Elemental / Bonus Damage Types

- fiery (sets the target on fire)
- ice (freezes the enemy and lowers resistance to blunt damage)
- poison
- saint (when filling the status bar, inflicts fourfold damage at a time)
- shadow (after filling the status bar, with each hit, shadow damage is transformed into physical and the target's resistance is fully played)
- bloody (after filling the status scale, each urar with a bloody weapon regenerates the owner's health).

Weapon damage can be increased by pumping it or character characteristics (strength / dexterity)

P.S. All calculations on the dependence of damage from stats and the level of the weapon itself are already ready.

About Developer

My name is Sergey, I am a solo developer. I develop games on GMS2 for PC and Android.