Project Introduction

Stylish high-speed Action-RPG with advanced combat mechanics, unusual art-style and setting, as well as many ways for player to express itself.

Game itself differs on combat and exploration sections.
When encountering an enemy, player needs to defeat every enemy nearby using variety of attacks, items, evasions, parrying and also abilities of their character and equipment. Many enemies have different weak points, some of their parts can be broken to get advantage, moreover, player need to take notice to enemy being weak or resistant do different elements and weapon types. To provide more variety in battlefield player can change places with it's friend's character in any time.
But it is also about exploring areas you get in each Quest to get advantage and loot. This keeps to be interesting because of interesting areas player being sent in, many ways for Quests to be made and a number of different puzzles.

When playing game you select one of many types of Quests available. Then you fight enemies, solve puzzles, break stuff for loot, and then get your experience and items in the end of Quest. And types of Quest are main star of the show, from being just go kill things or going through story, up to epic cinematic boss fights being available for just 30 minutes in which you challenge other players to be the best.

About Developer

This game at the moment was made by just me by scrapping and refactoring old failed Online-RPG project. But old team can be brought back together, if people will believe in this game.

I'm a Generalist with 10 years of experience in game development. Leveling skill as strong Middle Unity-Developer, Technical Artist and Junior 3D-Artist.
But game is in risk to be unfinished because of lacking money to finish it.