Project Introduction

You wake up in a cryopod many years after the catastrophe broke out.

You are the last on the ship who remembers the purpose of the journey. Your task is to go through the countless corridors of the ship, get to the bridge and complete the flight.

On the way to the bridge you will encounter wild tribes, friendly and hostile. And on the farthest decks live mysterious dangerous creatures.

You are the only one on the ship who knows how to use weapons. But is this enough to complete the mission? Over several centuries space, people have turned into dangerous ruthless killers.

Revealing the dark secrets of the ship, you are to survive, relying only on your ingenuity. The fate of all space colonists is now in your hands.

The main idea is to explore the decks of the spaceship. The game has 7 levels, according to the number of decks on the ship. All decks were cut off from each other as a result of the accident. The player's task is to find an exit to the next deck.

Decks are divided into sectors, sectors consist of cabins. To get into some cabins, you need to find and use various items.

Each deck brings an additional unique gaming experience. This is the solution of various unique puzzles and interaction with various characters and enemies.

About Developer

The team consists of one unique person. It can be difficult, but the work goes on peacefully, no one argues with each other and does not push work to another.