Project Introduction

Ukraine, Chernobyl.

You are offered a dangerous, but highly paid job in a secret laboratory as a security guard. As soon as you get to work, an emergency situation occurs, after which you find yourself in a completely different exclusion zone.

The zone gives you a second chance, can you use it?

The second explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant changed the zone forever. Anomalies, radiation and dangerous mutants are not the biggest problem, other people are much more dangerous. Whether you can stay human in the new conditions or change with the zone, it's up to you!

The game is waiting for you:

- An exciting plot with an unexpected ending
- Classic combat system
- Atmospheric gatherings around the campfire with a guitar
- The ability to assemble a team of 5 people
- 4 endings
- More than 6 groups
- More than 9 locations
- Lots of interesting side quests
- More than 34 types of weapons
- More than 11 types of armor
- More than 5 types of anomalies
- More than 8 types of mutants
- More than 12 types of artifacts

And much much more. Stalker, the zone is waiting for you!

About Developer

The team consists of 2 people. We create games out of love for creativity.