Project Introduction

Immerse yourself in an adventure between worlds in the incredible pixel platformer Portal Walk and help Eugene find his way home!

Search for keys, collect fragments of the portal, fight with a lot of difficult enemies and go to other worlds, moving through the levels!

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Game features:

  • Hardcore levels

  • Action events

  • Challenging bosses

  • Unique worlds

  • Achievements (Game Center, Steam etc.)

  • Support Game Controllers (Playstation DualShock, Xbox Wireless and other)


About Developer

Our company was founded in 2014 and each of our projects has reached the release, leading the tops of the App Store and Google Play.

Our goal is to make high-quality, interesting and beautiful games that we ourselves would be interested in playing. The game should not just be a business product, it should ignite both us and our players!

We started developing the current Portal Walk project on GameMaker in 2017 and now in 2021 we are creating the project anew on Unity, improving the graphics, adding new levels and planning to launch games not only for iOS and Android, but also for PCs and consoles.