Project Introduction

The game takes place on the edge 65814 "Republic of Krasnoslavia" - one of the Polyhedron's worlds and its main hit in the past. Once upon a time there was a real paradise for rebels, people connected to Krasnoslavia to smash the streets, steal cars and feel unlimited freedom. Now Krasnoslavia looks very dull and you'll have to fix this, with guns and superpowers that allow you to hack the polyhedron.



  • Lots of unique abilities that make the gameplay even more fun and varied

  • Forget about the abundance of identical guns, each weapon in the game is unique and created for different situations

  • Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Eastern European panel cyberpunk with acid cucumbers and hyper vodka

  • A variety of locations and game scenarios - first you are shooting soldiers from 3 guns at the same time, and then the floor becomes lava and a huge duck burns you with a laser from its eyes

  • A personal curator who will help you, cheer you up, blow your mind with his stories, you won't get rid of him so easily

About Developer

Concordia games - a team of 2.5 people, we have been developing Polyhedron: tales from Krasnoslavia since the end of 2020, in the evenings, after work.