Project Introduction


In the distant future, when the planet Earth became uninhabitable, people went on a space expedition and found a new home - planet Z.

Planet Z was devastated and lacked oxygen, but soil analysis showed that it once had life and is suitable for colonization.

Colonization was successful: domes were erected, under which the atmosphere was born and farm life was conducted.

Everything has changed in one day. While a team of engineers was excavating the ore, they discovered a huge cave full of cocoons of the huge insects. The drill machine broke through a thin surface of the ground before people knew it. The blow was so strong that the beetles woke up from their sleep.

The first attack was the most difficult - we were not ready, there was nowhere to retreat. We quickly used whatever was at hand to make defensive structures and took the fight. We won the battle, but not the war!

Join the ranks of the resistance and help humanity defend its new home!


The Game

Genre: arcade, puzzle, management.

Number of players: 2-4

The game is divided into many levels. Each level is a unique challenge for a group of friends, which is based on:

  • Interaction between players

  • Distribution of duties

  • Logistics planning

  • Prompt response to changes

Level mechanics

  • Repair an object in a limited time, enemies reduce progress by dealing damage

  • Defend the gate, a minimum number of enemies must pass

  • Protect an object, such as a pipe or a chicken

  • Produce items in a limited time

Players' Tasks

  • Maintain in good condition

    • Turrets

    • Generators

  • Load clips with ammo

  • Load the turret with clips

  • Repair breakdowns

  • Ensure the correct supply of electricity

  • Change the power supply according to the situation


The game is all about teamwork – test yourself and your friends in the tube world of Overcolony.

About Developer

Ilia Dudarev – Gamedesign, development, management, UX
Daniel Shapovalov – Development
Alexander Kozlov – Development
Ilia amhouz – 3D art, сoncept art and level design
Evgeny Zatolokin – 3D art, animation and level design
Vladislav Markov – UI
Valentina Nikitina – Narrative design and artistic scripts
Alexey Kostovitsky – Sound design
Nurken Bekberganov – Music