Indie Cup S’21

Order Road: Дорога Правопорядка


Main Idea

Wholesome visual novel with FPS and TPS about Nikolay Porridge and the Computer Science exam.

Main Description

Porridge Nikolay is preparing for the Computer Science exam. What could go wrong?

Order Road is a hybrid kinematic Visual Novel with elements of FPS and TPS.

The game is a prequel to the novel Samozbor: Rebellion.

About Developer

Imageboards moderator:

"Although you constantly insult me ​​and everything connected with the RUVN with your existence, I address you in a man's face, not reminding you that you are a sucker without friends, forced to do games on the godot. And I do not even focus on the fact that you are posted your photo with the soup in /gd because of loneliness. You were given a permanent ban in /ruvn three times if your memory does not deceive, and only thanks to my compassion and attitude to the content, you received passcodes for your vyser. But the good ends sooner or later I explain in a popular way - you are not welcome here, get out into the mess. "