One Way Road

Leonid Shabunov

In the foreseeable future, humanity has turned its gaze into space. A new era has come - the era of space exploration. After settling the planets of the Solar system, it was time to explore and colonize new worlds and star systems. What previously considered impossible, became a reality. Science has reached unprecedented heights, people around the world have united, forgetting about ageless conflicts and feuds.
However, along with great discoveries, new troubles appeared in people's lives. The long-awaited meetings with extraterrestrial civilizations dragged mankind into a new round of military conflicts, and the struggle for resources and habitable territories only intensified the differences between different species.

The appearance of a new player on the galaxy map and a huge number of bloody wars did not go unnoticed. From the very center of the galaxy, a new rival is approaching us. Its power is immeasurable, and its intentions are unknown.
The player will take control of a spaceship as the captain of the Space fleet command, James Dekker. Together with a team of recruits, on a battle-worn ship, you will look into the most remote corners of the galaxy, engage in combat with many enemies, fight with entire fleets, protect not only the Earth but all of humanity.

Variety of game mechanics.

Fight in outer space, on the surface of planets, among dense asteroid fields, and even inside a huge space station. Take control of a heavy space fleet cruiser as well as a small officer fighter.

Progression system.

Distribute experience points, improve ship systems, install new equipment. Adjust the ship under the playstyle you have chosen, or adapt yourself by choosing the optimal battle tactics.

Fascinating and interesting storyline.

Trying on the role of the Space fleet command captain James Dekker, take part in numerous star battles, travel the galaxy in search of answers, fight for the survival of humanity.

About Developer

Hello, my name is Leonid and I am a humanitarian.
I work on the project one, in my free time.