Project Introduction

Hannah is a 19-year-old girl, struggling with finding yourself in this world. She has a lack of support from her parents about her life choice. Performing with the band at a local music competition this evening will help prove her point. But before, she needs to find her friends in the city and convince them to play music together. 

In the game Hannah explores the world around her and tries to find herself. Hannah rides a skateboard and solves puzzles using 3 superpowers: 

  • Riding on the ceiling! 

  • Moving objects and parts of locations! 

  • Tilting the world!

About Developer

We are an indie-game studio from Moscow, Russia. But we started our way from the film industry. We came together to join the film "Invasion” in 2018 where we had to solve some insane tasks and we had to do them in a quick and creative way. The project was finished but we noticed that something clicked so we decided to make this team permanent and see how far we could go.

Since then, using the Unreal Engine 4, we have been mastering camera placement, storyboard choreography and cinematography. We were the first in Russia's film industry to use UE4. We have developed a pipeline for producing digital characters and numerous solutions for procedural face animation.

We faced a lot of amazing challenges but we always wanted to create games. We did our best and in May 2020 we showed the first prototype at DevGamm. We love to tell good stories but now we tell them via our games. Our aim is making adventure games with women-protagonists and deep storytelling.