Project Introduction

Phobias have awoken in this dark roguelike shooter One by One! Dive into procedural dungeons, unlock forbidden equipment, unleash the might of your soul and strike down bosses to save the world.. or is it late?

Enter the world of phobias, meet its denizens and acquire artifacts from past, present and future. Fight cunning creatures that have never been seen and customize your loadout with diverse weapons, activatable equipment and various acessories that strengthen you.

Descend into wild dungeons

Explore dark crystal caverns, primal fiery forests, autonomous robot facilities. Enter dynamic encounters from the very first minutes of gameplay. Rescue adventures and choose from characters with different play styles.

Open treasure chests and acquire powerful artifacts

Obtain weapons, equipment, accessories, companions, find unique item combinations and turn into an invincible hero!

And more..!

  • Try hardmode and permadeath difficulty for extra challenge and rewards

  • Unlock forbidden equipment, playable characters and rare achievements

  • Discover secret boss fights

  • Challenge your friends in speedrun mode

..and even more..!

  • Combat with a twist! Soul companion targets weakened enemies

  • Weapons reload themselves while being unequipped. Is this legal?

  • More game modes for extra challenge

  • Bestiary, where monsters you've encountered become domesticated

  • All-devouring forest fires

  • Swoaf, the mysterious god, that looks like a swan and is actually made of loaf of bread, and also dispenses healthy slices of bread

  • Frogs

About Developer

I'm Alex, the mastermind alien from faraway planet of Saratov, joined here by zerg queen of art, Alina, UCO (unidentified coding object) Anton and cyber-musician EG19. In order to establish first contact with human race we've decided to create an appealing game. We are CozyStorm, and we create game that is simple to pick up, with lots of variety in gameplay and challenging encounters, for those who like hard games. Using, a human-created software, named Discord, we're creating games together for more than two years.