Šimon Čarný




Avoid dangers and deadly obstacles by using your weapons and abilities. Traverse through metallic forests, destroyed futuristic cities and more.

Go out of your way and find hidden secrets and maybe even new friends that will help you vanish the curse of the land.




Defeat great warriors of the fallen land, who sacrificed themselves to be consumed by the corruption.

Use strategic thinking and fast reflexes to slay these machines, but be careful, once your energy depletes you'll become a prey. Fight for their weapons and powers so they can be freed from their suffering.


Blast your way through hordes of infected machines. Use strategy and fast thinking, but be careful, once your energy runs out you'll be left vulnerable

About Developer

Hi! I'm Šimon Čarný, I am a solo developer of my first commercial game OmegaBot. I wanted to be a game developer since I was a child trying to win obscurely difficult level of a platformer game whose name I forgot long time ago. I always wanted to make it better, more fun and more to my liking. And now, as a student of programming I am finally doing it, trying my best to provide fun experience for everyone to enjoy.