Nuclear Day

Somnium Fabri

Short description

  • Genre - Survival

  • Setting - Nuclear post-apocalypse

  • Audience - midcore

  • Platform - mobile

  • USP: Unique atmosphere and intriguing story.

Main idea of the project

Nuclear Day is a survival project that aims at a midcore audience.

The main goal of the player is to finish the story of the game. The story will be the general part of the gameplay. The feature of our project is a unique atmosphere because it should play a crucial part of the player experience. Also we’re planning to pay a lot of attention to gameplay. In the current demo gameplay doesn't satisfy our wishes. We want to make it more deep and cyclical, but we've got a lot to do.

In summary, we see our project like this: Survival game with a unique atmosphere and deep gameplay.

Details of the gameplay

Besides usual for survival project’s gameplay (craft, system of the equipment, etc.), you can also see in our game after the release:

  • Improving the shelter. You will be able to upgrade your shelter, adding the ability to expand the capacity of your shelter, create new items or grow food.

  • Exploring locations. It would seem that it was clear, so why was it necessary to write this.. However, in our project, such a standard process will have several interesting features. When the player passes locations he will meet various puzzles that will captivate him. Also, players who will pay more attention to the exploring of the locations will be able to learn unusual stories, meet new NPCs and find secret stashes with valuable items.

  • Your loyal friend will always help you in resolving the puzzles, fights and just cheering you up. :)

  • The dynamic weather. This is a gameplay’s feature will affect the ability to travel on the map, because there's a possibility of starting a radiation storm that will block every ability to travel to this location.

In addition to what we have noted in the previous paragraphs, we are planning to add other systems and mechanics (diseases, blueprints, upgrading of the equipment, crafting, trading, pvp, etc.).

In summary we’re planning to make gameplay more deep and varied. Also we want to admit we couldn’t realize even a half of the ideas, but we’ve got a lot of time so we’ll try to match the plans.


I think it will be hard to surprise if I tell the story will be long and interesting because you can read it every time. But what if I tell you we’ve got a non-linearity and different endings? I hope you’re interested now.

The player will be surrounded by a gloomy atmosphere of the apocalypse… Murders, marauders, hunger and mass madness. In conditions like this it’s very hard to stay human. The goal of the story is to ask the player a question: “Could I stay a human in conditions like this?”. The game will encourage thinking. The story will divide players by two types:

  • Those who will try to stay human and help everyone;

  • Those who will try to survive and think only about themselves.


We’re aiming for the atmosphere of our project. We want to make a gloomy world that would pull in players around the Earth. We’re making a special music for every location and thinking about features of the narrative.

Many players have already noticed a good atmosphere in the demo.

About Developer

We've got a small team of 10 people who wants to make a dream project. :)

We know each other already year and everybody has got the great motivation to work on the project.