Indie Cup W’21

Nox | Lost in the maze


Main Idea

The goal of the game is to get out of the labyrinths, which are completely different in complexity and shape, sometimes dark and full of secrets, riddles and troubles.

Main Description

Nox is on an adventure again!

If you still don't know each other, it's time to correct this annoying misunderstanding. Nox is a cute character in augmented reality books, comics, cartoons and games.

Nox | Lost in the maze - is a dynamic game in which the character must overcome difficulties and get out of a complex maze for the sake of love. He will have to face his innermost fears, traps and ghosts. Playing as the main character from a third person, you will need to look for a way out of a complex location that is trying to confuse the player and prevent him from getting out.

Different labyrinths in 12 locations hide a lot of secrets.

In the intricate labyrinths, Nox finds magic items or artifacts that will help him reach his goal and overcome fears and obstacles!

Will he be able to solve all the secrets and riddles to get out of the maze?
Yes, if you help him!

The game is in the early stages of development.

Nox's official website:

About Developer

Game creator - Anton Khusnutdinov, character author and founder of Ant3Dstudio.