Indie Cup W’21

No Hope More

Station 437

Main Idea

Story-driven game on space stations with simple survival mechanics.

Main Description

Firewatch on space stations with simple survival mechanics (food, water, oxygen).

Tags: rich story, walking simulator, atmospheric, first person, space, singleplayer.
Setting: sci-fi, space stations, near future, not fantasy.

Emphasis on plot and atmosphere. For lovers of space romance (theme of human loneliness and a huge empty space).

Through a wormhole, the hero enters an unknown star system with abandoned space stations ... and the wormhole closes.

The hero will have to launch stations, gather resources, launch life support systems and grow food. In parallel, the hero studies the history of the system: what kind of people inhabited it, where did they go and why his biometrics is in the database. The main goal is to sort things out and try to return home if possible.

About Developer

One-man team.