Project Introduction

21XX AD. Everything is connected. Data leaks and identity theft have become part of our everyday lives. Sentient programs escape the grasp of their creators. Privacy is no longer part of human vocabulary.

Infiltrate target machines, steal valuable data, and avoid security programs in this Snake-inspired game.

  • Explore three-dimentional levels using grid-based 6DoF movement

  • Collect data fragments to grow your health and tail

  • Avoid mines and other security installations

  • Enjoy synthwave music by Nikita Scarletov

  • Try not to catch your own tail

About Developer

We are a group of like-minded individuals who explore various ideas in games, from new and original to old and forgotten.

If AAA studios are global fast-food joints and indie studios are smaller coffee shops that try to get by, then we are a curry joint that aims to leave a lasting impression -- the one that tastes like arson in your mouth.