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Neon Way

SkyCrush studio

Main Idea

Ball adventures in an abstract world of beautiful puzzles

Main Description

Neon Way is a free-to-play puzzle game developed for mobile devices (Android and iOS). Levels are completed in a nice neon style and divided into thematic chapters. The point of each level is to move the ball from the starting node to the finish. The player will have to find the right way and avoid colliding various obstacles.

Step by step, death by death, you will understand better how to go to the level's end. Is it interesting? Yes! Is it diffucult? Oh, yes! Will your life change after this? Something like that. Just try it!

About Developer

We are a tiny team of three enthusiasts: developer, designer and composer. We are trying to make our own small interesting projects, including for a portfolio, in order to get a full-fledged job in game development.

Having started making games from school, we continued at the university. In development, we are looking for innovative solutions to get away from the template projects that we are working on as a freelancers.

This project was inspired by the time-tested Zuma and a couple of newer variations of it.