Project Introduction

Nefarium is a single player hack and slash dungeon crawler ARPG with no class system. That means players are not locked to playing one style and the weapons that they choose to use define their playstyle. Floors are different and random every time, hiding treasures and more enemies to kill within, with an Elemental theme to go with them.

Right now there are 5 elements that players can choose to use in order to aid themselves in battle. These are Fire, Ice, Wind, Shadow, and Light. Each elements have a different effect on the monsters and the player.

Bosses are guaranteed to drop Legendary and Corrupted items, and the harder the floor is, the more loot players are able to obtain. Every Legendary and better item has static stats, which means players are less reliant on RNG. These items can be upgraded at the Blacksmith, increasing their stats in the process.

Nefarium is currently in development, and there are many more features to come. These features include but not are limited to: item sets, quests, endurance mode, archery/magic, and more events inside and outside the dungeons.

About Developer

Hello! My name is Ege Kalay, I go as Epexegesis online. I live in Turkey, recently graduated from university with a degree in Information Systems, and while I have been a gamer all of my life, it was always my dream to make my own games one day. In the Summer of 2021, I finally decided to turn that dream into a reality.

I didn't have any knowledge of game design beforehand, no classes in my university about it, so I made it my mission to learn as much as I could in order to have something to show people about what I have been working on. I learned C# and delved into some Blender tutorials, in order to make something that belonged to "me". After a couple of months, I had some basic knowledge about what I was doing, and more importantly what I was getting into, and that's when it all started to come together.

While it has been challenging, and continues to be challenging every single day with a new obstacle in my way, I don't regret the time I've spent on my game one bit, and I would do it all over again. Games have always been my passion, and even though I may not have the time to play games like I used to, I am happy that I have the time to make games instead.