Project Introduction

In Moviehouse, you start as a small-time movie studio in the 80s, make your first short film, enter film festivals, rush through the decades, and become one of the majors by appeasing both viewers and critics

Moviehouse lets you live out your dream of finally making the perfect movie. Choose from up to twelve different genres, plot the storyline and make a true blockbuster; maybe it's time to start thinking about a cinematic universe?


  • Lead a movie studio from the 80s to modern-day

  • Pick from a dozen different genres and plot the perfect storyline - make a spy flick, a romantic comedy, or a bloody slasher or entirely different, it's all up to you

  • Hit the festival circuit - showcase your movie in film festivals to build buzz, gain accolades, and critical success!

  • Hire directors and writers, build up their skills, a good crew in itself will bring viewers to seats.

  • Hone your moviemaking craft by unlocking new ways to compete in an ever-changing market - sequels, prequels, cinematic universes, and more!

  • Compete with other movie studios in the box office and for the coveted golden clapper

About Developer

Hi, I'm Nick from Latvia.

My previous experience with making games dates back quite a bit, but, as with many hobby projects, alas, they were not meant to be.

Now, finally, I'm making my way into the exciting world of game development. Moviehouse started as an idea during a film evening with friends and now has led me on a career change path.

I'm very much excited to bring Moviehouse to a screen near you.