Project Introduction

The little mummy Mimu woke up because her tomb was plundered and all the treasures were stolen, so that she would have to return to the afterlife again and collect them all.

The player character has a normal and enhanced attack, a defensive skill that heals and increases movement speed. The basis of the gameplay is overcoming various kinds of obstacles, in the form of cliffs, fires, presses and enemy NPCs. Procedural generation is used to form the levels, the higher the level, the more base platforms it contains, on the last platform there will be one of the tomb robbers, after the victory one of the stolen treasures will be obtained. Game resources can be collected at the level or obtained from destructible objects such as barrels, jugs, chests, cacti.

About Developer

The composition of the team varies depending on the specification of the project. Permanent participants of the project Mikhail and Rostislav.

I am 34 years old, I work as a mechanic in Belarus, I have been developing games for about 1.5 years, 1 year was spent on training. I took a break from development after 4 months of hard work on the main project. I decided to switch to a simpler project, which I present here. I will assemble a team, but for this I need to go through the registration of the studio, etc., in order to be able to work calmly with finances and not have problems with the law. Game development prolongs youth, which is why I do it.