Memory Lost

Magic Hazard

Memory Lost is a top-down shooter, the battles in which are built around the mechanics of mind capturing and moving into the enemy's body. First-aid kits were not delivered, there is only one clip in the weapon — change the bodies to survive!

New body — new gameplay. There are dozens of archetypes of opponents in the game, each with its own unique characteristics and skills that affect the outcome of the battle.

Relocation is the basis of survival. If you don't want to run around in a half - dead state, look for a healthy body! Are the weapons out of ammo? Move into the enemy with full ammunition!

Copy enemies' memories! Capturing consciousness is impossible without capturing memories. With each new migration, the Neural Network, the main character of Memory Lost, will collect more and more material to form himself into an independent personality, after which he will process the knowledge gained and reap the fruits of his actions at the Mind-Map hub location.

Karma in a top-down shooter? The neural network is also formed due to interaction with the surrounding world. Kill for the common good or for mercy, regardless of the consequences - and get one of three possible endings.

About Developer

...It was restless in the kitchen of a rented apartment on Petrogradka. Eight people, instead of the usual idle pastime over alcohol and board games, firmly decided to make their first game.

A spontaneous thought arose on a dank April evening, a little more than a year ago — and turned the life of each of us upside down.

We laughed, shouted at each other, confusedly fixed ideas on a marker board. We remembered what we grew up on: we shared emotions from the first passes of Baldur's Gate and Diablo, many hours of raids in World of Warcraft and sieges in Lineage 2. We remembered the vibe of shootouts in Quake and Unreal Tournament, the replayability of the third Heroes and Space Rangers, the non-linearity and the plot of Arcanum and Planescape: Torment.

At heart, we are still naive children. Those who were looking forward to each new floppy disk with the game, and then bought the CD themselves with the money saved from the dinners. Those who believed that every game is a magical, elaborated world that allows not only to distract from everyday problems, but to bring something important for themselves into reality. Those who still believe that games are a full-fledged art form, along with painting and cinema.

We are determined to keep this philosophy within the team and make it a good tradition. The beginning will be laid in our first project-Memory Lost.