Project Introduction

Make Your Kingdom is a city-building game where you have to build, expand and improve your settlement. Become a leader of a brand new kingdom, keep your people happy and the economy thriving, fight orcs and have fun!

The game few features unique to its genre, such as:

  • Play as a founder of the settlement - you can help build your kingdom, carry the resources, talk to other settlers and motivate them, fight off hordes of orcs with your own sword!

  • Choose between a few different looks of various buildings - customize your settlement the way you want!

  • No stress sandbox mode - create without any limitations! In this mode, your settlers can’t starve, get sick or die. Fires, weather conditions, earthquakes, and orcs can no longer destroy your buildings.

  • The changing of the seasons - each season brings its own challenge, but all are equally beautiful.

About Developer

Yo_serjio is a solo game developer from Russia, he worked on Make Your Kingdom for 4 years by himself and now the game is finally out!