Project Introduction

A long time ago, in our galaxy, everyone got tired of fighting and the hippies took over. The largest military station, which once brought death to entire planets, was rebuilt into a huge entertainment complex with nightclubs and casinos. Peace and quiet reigned in the galaxy. But this does not suit everyone. The forces of evil are preparing to destroy the station - a symbol of carelessness. Sabotage takes place on the lower levels, someone destroys equipment and infects technical droids with the rabies virus. Samantha, the pilot of the balldroid, goes down to find out what's going on and stop the impending disaster.




  • the droid we are piloting can take two forms, a ball and a humanoid.

  • lots of vertical gameplay

  • a cheerful universe ridiculing conspiracy theories.

  • references and parodies to such films and TV series as "Star Wars", "The X-Files", "Futurama", "Predator", etc.


About Developer

Hi, my name is Semyon. I am 29 years old. I'm a solo developer, though I'm already tired of being one. I've been in game development for about two years. First I learned to program a little, then I mastered art a little, now I'm delving into game design. Therefore, in my game you will not see a single asset, but unfortunately you will hear it, because I am not friends with audio at all. In the future, I would like to assemble a team or join a professional team and focus my activities on game design or level design.