Project Introduction

A card adventure game. Explore a magical island, turn the environment into cards, build decks to overcome card battles, and end the war between spring and summer.


  • Grand quest: Play as Aeon the Conjurer sent to the Island of Fate to save the Emissary Kingdoms from devastating droughts and storms.

  • Free exploration: Find your way through the Island of Fate, an ancient place of power. The Island features open fields, alternative paths, and optional areas.

  • Card conjuring: Turn trees, spirits, architecture, and everything else you'll find on the Island into cards.

  • Deck building: Use conjured cards to build decks and discover perfect answers for every adversary you will meet during your journey.

  • Magic battles: Defeat runes, conjurers, and deities in over fifty unique battles that will test your skills and decks.

  • Endless challenge: Push your decks to the limit in the endurance battles to earn a spot in the leaderboards and unlock reward cards.

About Developer

Small Moons is one-person studio developing games in collaboration with other creators. We make role-playing, shooter, and card games.

Magic of Spring team consists of 3 members:

Aivaras Klimas a.k.a. Zuurix:

Programming and design of Magic of Spring.

A solo developer from Kaunas, Lithuania. Making games using GameMaker engine since 2013, creator of Sector Six and Light of the Locked World.

Minho Kim:

Provides graphics for Magic of Spring.

CEO & Lead Artist of Devespresso Games, an indie game development team.

Bert Cole:

Provides music for Magic of Spring.

Composer, creator of OST for Sector Six and Light of the Locked World.