Lovecraft’s Untold Stories

LLC Blini Games

A detective of the unknown will have to face and destroy strange creatures and crazy cultists, to unveil the secrets hidden during his investigation. On his way, the main hero will find new weapons, artifacts, and items, that will react between them in different ways. Some of them, will make the hero very powerful, othes will make his task more difficult, with weird and unexpected results.

Every map is randomly generated, with new enemies, items, and puzzles. Each game will be like a new story… An untold story!

Dozens of different weapons and artifacts, that combine between them, to create hundreds of different effects, some very powerful, others… totally weird, unexpected, and negative.

Improve the stats of your main character: life, speed, cooldown, damage…

Different enemies: monsters, cultists, zombies, and the well known creatures of the Mythos, even the all-mighty Cthulhu…

Randomly generated levels: Every new game is a new experience.

Metagame: The game goes far beyond the main story. Dozens of secret levels, characters, and missions. Find items and clues and you will need later on.

A perfect mix of adventure and action. Will you search for the necessary clues to stop the cultists, before they summon Nyarlathotep, or you’ll leave a trail of blood on your way, until you find the leader of the cult?

Different rooms: Puzzles, traps, special stages, challenges… Brute force is not always the solution.

Find keys to open doors and chests, secret rooms, and minibosses

Insanity mode: As the character becomes more powerful, also, understands that there are many unknown things in this reality, and loses his sanity, little by little. A balance of power will be necessary to prevail.

Lots of unlockable famous characters with different initial stats and weapons: Dr. Jeckyll, , Sherlock Holmes, Dorian Gray, Captain Nemo…

Achievements, Steam trade cards.

If you liked Binding of Isaac, Dungeon of Endless, or Hotline Miami, this game will bring you all the action and fun of those games, in the dark world of the Cthulhu Mythos.


‘Cthulhu Mythos’ is a collection of books, written by H.P. Lovecraft, very well known among the 25-45 years old gaming communities. Games, books, RPG table games have widely used the stories created by this amazing writer.

By mixing all the elements of a roguelike genre title (exploration, puzzles, action…), with the many locations, monsters, characters, and information of Lovecraft’s worlds, we are creating a perfect mix that will attract many users of Steam.

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