Indie Cup W’21

Lost & Found

Dreamtale Games

Main Idea

Underwater lost and found simulator. Get back what you lost!

Main Description

To save up for the first sink and go on a date with a girl he liked, a young hermit crab got a job in a lost property office. And got into trouble.

All the items here are artifacts, and mythological and fairy-tale characters come for them, and the ship where the bureau is located is cursed. And the cancer will not be able to leave it until it has distributed all the items. They also won't pay money, all hope is for a tip! And the sale will end in 5 days...

Help the crayfish distribute all the artifacts to the visitors correctly, conquer his girlfriend and finally find his first shell!

About Developer

A team of independent developers specializing in narrative and gamification. We are active participants in various game jams and competitions. The team was born a year ago on the Ludum Dare jam.