Project Introduction

Loretta is a psychological thriller that would make the player an accessory to the heroine’s crimes and would lead her through a self-crafted nightmare. This story is about a woman, dealing with betrayal, her husband’s infidelity, relationships problems and difficult social situation of the 1940s.

It is a story-driven adventure game. It's gameplay focuses on choosing dialogue options, interacting with objects, and making decisions: planning the murder(s) and getting rid of the evidence.

Conceptually and aesthetically, the game is inspired by the American art of the twentieth century, the works of Andrew Wyeth and Edward Hopper, film noir of the 40s-50s, thrillers by Alfred Hitchcock, the Philip Ridley movie "The Reflecting Skin", the books "1922" by Stephen King and "Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov.


The year is 1947. Lora and Walter Harris move to a farm, which used to belong to his parents. Walter is a writer and Lora is a housewife. Both are quite unsuccessful.

The family is going through financial difficulties. The situation is also complicated by the fact that Walter owes money to people from New York. And although the husband keeps it a secret from his wife, Lora has a suspicion. Moreover, she suspects him of cheating.

Lora understands that she gave up her job, her dreams and other opportunities for her failure of a husband she doesn’t even love. Now she is stuck in a cold empty house barely making ends meet.

As she struggles to make loan payments, she finds out that Walter’s publishing house has insured his life. In the event of his death, the insurance sum would be 30.000$. A plan is born in Lora’s mind.

Loretta is a story-driven adventure game in which gameplay focuses on choosing phrases in dialogue, interacting with objects, and making decisions: planning the murder and getting rid of the evidence. Killing a husband, trying to cover a crime, Loretta makes a player an accomplice.

It is now possible to play the first 9 chapters, but I hope this is enough to get an idea of ​​what kind of game it will be.

Available Russian and English versions.

About Developer

My friend Daria and I are working on the game. After released "DOM RUSALOK", I decided to do something new, and for the IndieCup I managed to prepare a build, which, I hope, will help to form an impression of what kind of game it will be.