Project Introduction

Fight an army of numerous monsters in the game "Lord of the Click 3". This game is from the clicker genre, which is primarily distinguished by its simplicity. You play as a king fighting against the forces of evil, so your army is always at hand and its help will not be superfluous. And in this case, fighting monsters is a little easier than in other games. After all, you only need to click. Click on the icons, summon your warriors, bring down the forces of nature on the heads of your opponents. Getting rid of each enemy, you get coins with which you can improve your farm or your castle. After one army is finished, move on to the boss. After all, it will appear after each level. And each subsequent one will be stronger than the previous one. If the army of terrible enemies is not stopped, then the world will not be the same.

About Developer

I made this game alone, as soon as the game was coming to an end, I contacted the composer who wrote the music for the game.