Project Introduction

Steal everything on it! The list can have anything on it — play it by ear.

Empty bank vaults, sneak into government buildings, look for gang caches and don't forget the other areas. Every place is an opportunity to hit it rich here.

Build a pyramid of junk to climb into a hard-to-access area, or just trash everything around. Why not?

Do you want to steal access codes and carefully disarm security systems, or take a bomb on the job and show the cops a good time? Your call.

Become a master thief — unlock the toughest robberies and pull them off using incredible equipment. And don't forget to buy a house!

CO-OP (2-4)
The more the merrier! Steal people blind with your buddies, or do the opposite — be a cop and stop them from taking anything.

About Developer

One-man band.