Project Introduction

Library of Souls is a turn-based tactical strategy with an emphasis on map control in a magic library setting.

Unlike most turn-based strategies, where the main goal of the encounter is to bring opponents' health points to zero, "Library of Souls" allows players to change the type of tiles on the field — either to "dark" or to "light". Changing tiles gives additional battle resources, and tiles grouped in a certain formation give an additional advantage. This brings new layer of planning into the gameplay.

Heroes are able interchange their character traits thought-out the story. Each of one defines both character and ability. The characters are faced with a choice - whether they want to remain the same as they came here, or to completely change themselves.

About Developer

The team was founded by 5 students of ITMO master's program "Computer Game Development Technologies", as a course project.

During the work on the project, each of us got, that resulted game is more than just a course task, so we are decided to continue development. Two newcomers join to us recently and become valuable members of our team.