Project Introduction

Learning Factory is a relaxing automation game, which lets you concentrate on the most important tasks in the Universe: making cats happy again.

You're a humble genius scientist who gets invited to become the chief engineer at an abandoned Factory on Mars, designed to produce and sell exquisite goods for cats. It was conceived to learn everything about cats and make them happy, but it is desolated now, and cats are leaving Factory Stores unhappy and empty-pawed.

Now you have a chance to continue the research and development of goods that feline hearts long for! Simply follow these steps on your way to a scientific breakthrough:[*]Renovate an abandoned factory on Mars:

  • Design and automate production chains

  • Produce and sell exquisite goods to cats

  • Collect and analyze data with Machine Learning

  • Scale and make the factory more efficient

  • Make cats happy!

  • Rebuild the ancient Monument

  • Establish Catopia in the feline society!

Sales at the Factory Stores generate tons of data which is later analyzed by real-life machine learning in order to unlock the in-depth nature of the feline mind.

But hey: no pressure! In this fail-safe environment, the key to success is to keep trying and stay curious. Experiment, optimize, automate - and keep creating a giant cat-catering factory on Mars. Eventually you will find the key to a better future for humans and cats (and also maybe dogs, dogs are kinda ok, too)!

The game is backed up with real Machine Learning, links to handpicked educational videos, and an in-game wiki to be used as learning material.

About Developer

We are a humble development team, based in Moscow.

In our games, we explore a varity of topics: from the depths of a living organism (InMind, InCell), to machine learning (while True: learn()) and big data analysis (Learning Factory)

Our games can be enjoyed by any typical Steam user out there, but there's also a deeper level, which allows curious gamers to expand their knowledge on the topic and maybe even find a new passion in their lives!