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Last Joy

Twofaced Games

Last Joy

Main Idea

Hand painted RPG exploring social repercussions of immortality through a deep story with puzzles and unique Match3 combat system

Main Description

Last Joy is a 2D story-driven RPG with unique combat system. The setting of the game represents the Early Middle Ages period, magic is in charge of all spheres of life and people in this world are immortal. They do not grow old and die of their own free will. This game tells about the reasons why people, even in difficult situations, hold on to life or, on the contrary, give up too early. It raises questions about the purpose of existence of each individual. Besides the story, Last Joy combines different genres in a pretty unique way: 2D sidescroller + classic RPG + Match3 + Point’n’click Quest.

About Developer

Last Joy is pretty much a duo project. My wife does the art part, I design and program the rest.
This is our third private game and we've been working in gamedev for a living.