Russia, 1992. An ordinary village of Kujlevka faces yet another challenge in this dark period of Russian history, and this one really makes the financial crisis and raising crime rates look bleak: out of all locations on Earth, this little settlement, forgotten by everyone, turns into the busiest place on the planet overnight when a flying saucer crashes directly into the headman’s house.

Guests from outer space are not rushing to get a contact, steadily observing people through their wishes which are easily coming true inside the spacecraft. Being aware of humankind's ability to leave a bad impression, aliens will not let everyone in. Assuming the role of kolhoz's headmaster, you will be the one to decide how the initial contact with extraterrestrial life will turn out!


  • We came in peace! — are you fed up with aliens, swarming the ruins of cities which once were our own? Are you sick of them holding the corridors of yet another secret lab? Are you prepared to talk, anyway?

  • Drink a shot, get political — Kujlevka takes place during the time of political onslaught in Russia, and given the circumstances, finding the way Kujlevka’s community will follow is yet another mission of yours. With all the historical bits and matters, this is a true political compass of a game.

  • Russian nostalgia — Kujlevka recreates a place very familiar to most Russians caught in a very special moment of history. Our goal is to make you miss something you've never experienced.

  • Write your own story — the way the story goes fully depends on the decisions you make. There’s no going back unless you start from scratch!

About Developer

We are a team of two developers — the scriptwriter and the programmer. Our path had begun with a creation of a small games published on itch.io that growth into studying of UE4. Currently we are developing Kujlevka — the game about village and aliens.