Project Introduction

Join the Heroes Guild and travel the path from a rookie to the hero of the kingdom. Head on a hunt for the vicious boss solo or with your friends. Your adventure will be randomly generated from hundreds of different events.

Once you sign up a contract to catch the villain, you'll head into an adventure. Each quest is created from hundreds of particular events, melding into a unique story. The Elves will reveal secret paths to you and the ordinary pub owner might very well turn out to be a werewolf.


4 player co-op

Destroy villains solo or have up to 4 players on the same screen or online.


An endless adventure

Hundreds of events will make each adventure one of a kind.


Over 100 different equipment

Swords, spears, hammers, crossbows, muskets, magic staffs, and strength gauntlets. Each time you collect a unique set of equipment for your hero and change his fighting style.


Upgrade your castle

Restore the castle’s ancient halls to receive bonuses before every new raid.


Become a hero

Choose a peasant, an impoverished blacksmith, a simple tracker or a rogue and become the most famous knight of Braveland.

About Developer

Tortuga Team is a team of developers, united by the desire to make bright and memorable games. We love games, but we love more to create them. In spite of the big experience in the gaming industry, we feel that the development of games is a lively creative process, where each team member can implement a part of his vision to general landscape of a game.