Project Introduction

About the project:

Kitsune Skazka is a 2D adventure in a unique style with visual  novel elements and hardcore "dark souls-like" boss fights.

The player needs to defeat 8 bosses and learn the story of little Kitsune.

To defeat the bosses, the player has to learn their timings, animations, evade the attacks of the bosses, and at the same time the player cannot attack on his own. The player needs to adjust the situation in the arena, so that the boss inflicts damage on himself.

The plot and characters of the game are inspired by the coming-of-age theme and Japanese mythology.

Game duration - about 3.5 hours


Kitsune is a naive little fox who dreams of becoming a cool nine-tailed fox. To do this, he needs to use his soul for the Night Parade of One Hundred Demons (Hyakki Yagyo), and for this he needs to leave his house and go on an adventure.

The adventure itself is an initiation, a coming-of-age and acquaintance with the real world.

Monsters are metaphors familiar to the player - lies, cruelty, betrayal, temptation, etc.

In the cover of a fairy tale, there is a hidden path that everyone has traveled. and it is primarily about studying the world and yourself through its prism, about kindness hidden under a creepy nature and about the fact that growing up and exploring the world is an exciting adventure. (sometimes risky)

In the end, it turns out that this path is only the first step to becoming a nine-tailed fox. Kitsune gets a second tail, but more importantly, a new self. he still has a long way to go. (the story can be ended both at this point and a sequel can be released)


The gameplay is divided into 2 parts.

Visual novel - tells the character's story and lets the player explore the world between battles.  The voice of the narrator will lead the player through the story.

All decisions made by the player during the visual novel affect the boss gameplay, what buffs fox gets/doesn't get (+1 life for example) and how the story unfolds.

Boss-fights - These are 1 vs 1 battles, where the player needs to move around in the arena with the boss and match his attack timings in order for the boss to deal damage to himself. the player cannot attack. Boss battles are the climactic viewpoints of the chapters.

All bosses are unique both in terms of visuals and gameplay. Each of the bosses is the personification of what a person meets in the outside world while growing up.

About Developer

Natalia Gurkina - Game director /scriptwriter /narrative gd / art

6 years in film industry, 1 year in game dev (Pocket Size Games).

Winner of different international film contests and festivals (“Confession”, short film, 2016, (Grand-prix of “Filmmobil” contest, “People's Choice Award” on Craft Film Festival, “Short to the Point”  short-list , “Hollywood Screenings” semi-finalist  ), MobileMotion Film Festival - “Best Fiction” and “Grand-prix” winner, Jury prize in TIFFxInstagram contest of TIFF, winner of XVII Videminute International Contest Zaragoza)

Alexandr Styagailo - Producer /project manager/game designer /

5 years in game dev ( Kefir, Mytona, Pocket Size Games), several shipped projects as game designer and lead game designer

Peter Fedin - sound engineer, music composer.

8 years in sound industry.

Sergey Bogdasarov - voiceover, script editor.

Official  english-russian translator for Netflix, Pockemon, Disney, Cartoon Network

10 years in film industry .