Project Introduction


The Kingless Land is an Open World Wargame with a mix of TBT, TBS & RPG mechanics. Choose your way of one from 6 bastards - each has its own unique set of skills and social status. Gather and upgrade a powerful army to conquer new lands, castles, towns and even whole kingdoms! 

The game consists of a four gameplay cores: 

  • The Journey: strategic world map with landscape features, where you can freely travel in real time with pause. Find various map locations to take quests, resupply, hire and upgrade army. 

  • The Battle: classic Turn-Based Tactical combat between army stacks. The battlefield will depend on the landscape, weather and times of day.

  • RPG layer: learn various skills & abilities of your hero and open the new possibilities of game strategy, tactics and diplomacy. 

  • Divide-and-Conquer: capture enemies' lands and share feods between your vassals. Form alliances and plan global warfare.


  • Deep Wargame mechanics: real time travel on the open world map,  strategy landscape features and tactical battles in turn-based mode.

  • Six Kingdoms, each with its unique culture, armies and NPC lords. 

  • Six hero classes as social background: Knight, Rogue, Warrior, Nobleman, Tradesman, Mercenary. Each with their own unique set of skills.

  • Sophisticated AI will provide worthy resistance both in battle and in the strategic planning of the campaign.

  • Sandbox gameplay: the huge map with villages, castles, resources, cities and a diplomatic interaction system. Create your own history of a great kingdom.

  • Great narrative: Communicate and negotiate with bandits, farmers, lords, kings of neighboring kingdoms. Your hero can even marry, make a big feast on this occasion and poison his enemies on it.

  • Dynamic event system with atmospheric encounters and tough decisions outside of combat.

About Developer

We are a small team of three who love games and work in this field.

We met through a common place of work. Many of our ideas and concepts overlapped closely with the same audience. So, we joined forces and began working on a “game of dream”.

As always happens - seemingly small project got “interesting features” and now we have a 4X RPG Strategy.

We would like to share the experience of rethinking old school games. Implement mechanics that we once only imagined, based on existing gameplay.