Indie Cup S’21

Kingdom Shell

Cup of Pixels

Main Idea

Pixel metroidvania inspired by Momodora: RUtM and Rygar on the NES.

Main Description

Kingdom, protected by magic from the outside world for centuries, is in danger. The ancient artifact supporting the magical barrier has been destroyed and the filth that gushed from the reality of nightmares has filled every corner of Kingdom. Neither the Queen's knights nor the temple attendants deal with the threat. They are forced to turn to Elias - a half-blood, in whose veins the blood of a demon flows.
Explore the lands of the Kingdom, fight hordes of demons and powerful bosses, find secrets, help inhabitants in distress and stop the impending catastrophe.

  • A retro-style adventure platformer.

  • The atmosphere of a cold fairy tale.

  • Stunning pixel graphics.

  • Gorgeous and varied music.

  • Secret locations and optional bosses.

About Developer

Hey, my name is Roma and I'm a solo game developer from Ekaterinburg (Russia). The entire game, exception the music, is created by one person.

By the way, the music for Kingdom Shell was written by a wonderful composer, Semyon Dubovik.