Project Introduction

Game is almost entirely made of dialogue or speakable components which you can use in court. There are discovery and court phases.

In the discovery, you speak with your client and dig through case details.

presents witness found notification from the game

You can discover witnesses, which help you enable new dialogue branches with your client or other witnesses, find new arguments or enable / disable people from testifying in court.

Your stats are used to push through conversation. Like lie, manipulate, intimidate or spot a diversion or cut through rhetoric to reach the facts.

You can discover arguments, which are pieces of information you use to affect how jury feels. Arguments have moral loads. In courtroom player's goal is to gain more goodwill than opposing lawyer. So, you are supposed to align moral load of arguments with moral expectations of jurors. In the end, you are judged in the court of public opinion.



Your stats increase as you use them and your social influence expand as your career progresses. At the end of each case, you could gain an ability and improve your social contacts.

Rinse, repeat and defend the rights of sentient AI.

About Developer

Team is actually just two people.

Yakup G. has worked as a software engineer in various projects from web development to commercial AR/VR applications. Emrah K. has mainly worked in project development but briefly worked as game designer for a VR game company. Yakup is sole developer. Emrah is doing game design and writing (and bad voiceovers, if needed).

We are both Turkish and located in Turkey.

While we both tried our hand at some part of video game production, current idea started to form when one's divorce met other's desire to make any random concept into an RPG.