Project Introduction

Jitter Sandbox is a sci-fi exploration/survival game in which you take the role of a spaceship’s AI. Your mission is to rescue survivors after the accidental explosion of a huge space station. You start the game with a small ship and explore space sectors, adding survivors to the crew, rebuilding the ship with newfound modules, and dealing with various emergent onboard situations, battles, and random events.

The game has ample opportunities for user-generated content - with a handy editor, anyone can create their own story.

Physical model

The game has an original physical model that allows you to destroy any objects in space, cut in half. The basic mechanics of the game are based on this



(Undocking - still in progress)

Air system and oxygen generators

Repair bots


There are no plans to manage live people, but the player can manage the robots


Many different weapons are planned, including a gravity cannon

Characters and role system

Units in the game have a size of 4x4. There is a system of customization and skins.


The player constantly needs to replenish energy, oxygen, and spare parts.


Allow to reproduce resources, generate, treat, store (under development)

Battles in space

(under development)

Boarding battles on ships

(under development)


User-generated content and Mods

The game has ample opportunities to generate custom content - with the help of a convenient editor (Tiled), anyone can create their own story.

The editor has tools for creating a script

It is also worth mentioning the system of dialogs based on markdown:

The project is currently under development. You can try some mechanics in the build. In fact, it is a techno-demo.

About Developer

I develop the game myself, but I constantly collaborate with different people. They help me draw art, write a script, create a narrative, make music and sounds. The community tests the game and gives feedback.

This project started as a hobby but later grew into a full-fledged one. I'm working on it outside of my main job.