Project Introduction

Island "D" is a revival of a classic, survival horror recreated in a classic storytelling scheme, where the story and atmosphere of the game are brought to the fore, just as it was in the first series of Resident Evil and Dino Crisis from PSOne.

The game itself includes both elements of quests, narrative and action, which will gradually reveal to you the full story of the incident on island "D".

Island D

Reveal the story

Find out what happened on the island where Jessica Coffield was sent to by the corporation's management.

Island D история


To get through all the trials that will fall on your way, you will have to explore the locations and look for a way forward.

Island D головоломки

Fight to survive

On your way you will meet dangerous creatures of the prehistoric era, you will have to try hard to survive.

Island D динозавры

About Developer

The first attempts to write plot began back in 2020, but the search for an idea and other factors took some more time. Full development began at the end of 2021.

At the moment it's a solo project that I'm doing on my own. In the future, I will involve other specialists to create separate parts of the game.

In general, this is my first project where I act not as a developer (I am a programmer initially), but as a screenwriter and game designer, in the future I plan to develop this series further.