Project Introduction

The planet Sakron is the only one in the galaxy with a rare biochemical resource. This resource is Ether, capable of modifying living organisms, prolonging the life of any cells and increasing their life potential.
The whole galaxy learned about the miraculous ether, many different races, and it awakened a huge surge of those wishing to get free booty.
In the hunt for ether, the one who was faster, more cunning and stronger armed wins.

To be one with the robot, a fusion system called Interflow was developed, it allowed pilots to increase their reaction speed, the ability to quickly figure out all the systems of the robot.

The basic mechanics of the game:
The pilot lands on the playing field and must occupy a free robot, or reclaim an enemy robot, then survive at all costs.

About Developer

Hi, my name is Nikita and I'm one of the founders of the Publex team.
A couple of years ago I met my colleague Ilya on the expanses of the forum. At first we worked on different projects on orders, hyperkejual games and casual projects. But we had a big goal to make our own big and interesting project. We decided to develop Iron Fist.
We worked on the project Part time, but we want to devote all our free time to work on this game. The main part of the team is Programmer, Game-Level Designer, Artist, Modeler and Animator. We also brought in a sound specialist.
Our whole team works remotely. Besides this project we continue to work on commercial orders and projects in partnership with publishers.