Project Introduction

Escape the clutches of a decadent cult of aristocrats and the demon that haunts their retreat. Stay quiet, stick to the shadows, uncover the dark secrets of the sadistic and authoritarian Empire and of the mysterious Plightswoman who claims to want to help you. A story-rich horror game with immersive stealth mechanics. Discover the lies and secrets of those who took everything from you, and restore an old kingdom to its former glory.

Hide in the Shadows

Take advantage of immersive stealth mechanics like staying unseen in dark areas.
If you're hiding in the dark, the demon won't be able to see you unless he gets very close.

Move Silently

When walking on quiet surfaces like carpets, the demon won't hear you unless you get too close. You can also increase your chances by crouching to sneak.
If you make a lot of noise, the demon will begin to pursue you immediately.

Discover the Truth

Examine notes that have been left by previous inhabitants of the Lake of Liberation retreat. You're a prisoner, and you've never been here before - you won't find hints or guidance, maps or map markers.
Depending on which secrets you find, you will end up with different endings. Will you experience them all?

Free a Darkened World

A dark evil has taken away everything you love, and it's finally time to reveal the truth.

Key Features

  • For fans of stealth horror games like Amnesia and deep, character-driven stories

  • Realistic stealth mechanics including using shadows to remain concealed, and using quiet surfaces to remain unheard

  • A dark, detailed setting with a gripping, mysterious narrative

  • Created by a solo developer

About Developer

Andrzej Gieralt is a Polish game developer living in Canada. His Catholic faith and passion for seeking the truth inspires all of his creative work. He is a software developer, but dreams of one day becoming a full-time game developer.