Project Introduction


The game is a casual platform game with puzzle elements. You can go through it both alone and in a couple with a friend. All puzzles in the spirit of The Witness.

The player has access to a number of different and dissimilar settings, as in the previous game. Each setting has up to 10 levels with unique and non-repetitive traps, puzzles and colorful environments.


The level is a place of start and finish, where in order to reach it, you must complete a series of puzzles. In addition to puzzles, the game features interaction with the environment. As an example, the player can drag and drop various objects in the form of boxes blocking his path or huge stones as a result of a collapse.

The level, in turn, is created manually, without the use of generations and has life. As an example: it may flood over time, a collapse may suddenly block your path, and so on. Moreover, these options act randomly and at different levels.


I want to talk about this point separately. HardCube has received a lot of praise for its soundtrack. In turn, we decided to go further and in this project we used the FMOD audio engine and high-quality sounds with a high bitrate.

About Developer

One person is working on the project. All resources and all content, including the code, were written alone. The game does not use third-party assets, models or textures, with the exception of sounds.

I would like to note that I am not a 3D modeler, programmer or artist. My main focus is Project Manager and this project is primarily about testing my skills, acquiring new knowledge and testing myself.