Project Introduction

Hard Glide is a fast-paced arcade game with mouse control only. The player controls a rather fragile, but extremely nimble device (maybe it's a robovac?), And he has to rush through dozens of levels, collecting crystals, destroying enemies, dodging various obstacles. Bonuses and various modifiers are included! The game offers to pass the levels as quickly as possible (to get into the online leaderboard), although this is not necessary.


The controls in the game are a little unusual, but you can get used to them quite easily:

  • Move - move the mouse (sensitivity is configured in the settings)

  • Shooting - left mouse button. Important: to shoot and move in different directions, press and HOLD the left mouse button.

  • Rotate the sight on 180 degrees - while shooting, click the right mouse button (i.e. while holding the left button)

  • Hint where the nearest orb is - click on the mouse wheel (middle button)


About Developer

Hi, I'm a part-time indie game developer who loves making fun little games with an interesting idea and amusing gameplay. Previously I worked on flash games for the web, now I develop mobile and desktop games.