Project Introduction

The game combines two genres: Top Down Shooter and Rhythm game.

You play as a cat admiral of a spaceship who has landed on the planet of chewing gums and is forced to survive here. This will help him gun and your sense of rhythm!

You can shoot gums, dash from them and reload only by hitting the beat. Our alpha now has two modes - easy mode (no reload) and hard mode (conic mode). Before playing, we strongly recommend that you go through the tutorial to learn the controls and enjoy the game to the fullest!

All assets, animations and graphics were created by our team.

The release of the game will be in the summer of 2022, we plan to introduce a character and world development system, add different genres of music and types of chewing gums!

About Developer

We are Spooky Bee, a Russian team of 3 enthusiastic developers dedicated to this project to contribute to the development of the domestic industry.

Our acquaintance was completely accidental, but in the process of communication, we began to understand that we are all very interested in games, moreover, their development and a common kitchen. This is how our story began, we began to actively try ourselves in game jams, each time honing and improving our skill sets.

Teamwork undoubtedly brings new tasks and rules, but it has opened new doors and development opportunities for each of us, as everyone contributes projects, teaches and learns new things, and also provides undeniable support for their new comrades. Nice to meet you ;)